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Does Local SEO Help Organic Search Engine Optimization


A common question asked by many marketers is if and how local SEO ties in with organic SEO.  Continue reading to learn how local search engine optimization helps improve organic SEO and how to get started with your website.

Local SEO Tips for Organic Growth

For small businesses, local SEO is one of the most untapped and important aspects of a successful organic marketing strategy. Rather than trying to outrank every business that offers products or services in your niche, a locally focused strategy gives you a chance to connect more directly with your target audience. Visibility is important, but being seen by people who are actually in proximity to your business and therefore more likely to use it is even more important.

Local SEO can also be used to target demographics you’ve pinpointed as likely conversions, even if your services or product offerings are remote. Among the most beneficial aspects of local SEO are that you have stronger KPIs and get a much clearer picture of what type of content your audience responds to.

Improving Your Local SEO

Most businesses focus on keywords when they think of SEO, and while they are absolutely the bread and butter of a good strategy, they need something else to succeed. Web structure is the foundation of your local SEO because it facilitates navigation, drives sales and can effectively guide your target audience through a pipeline without ever feeling intrusive or too salesy.

Good web structure includes page titles, hierarchy and metadata. Establishing full, detailed pages for every service you offer is a great opportunity to make your services more crawlable and relevant to Google. Categories and subcategories can help structure content while local keyword optimization and strategic content marketing can ensure that your page’s hit their mark.

How Local SEO Improves Organic Results

A local SEO strategy can grow overall organic reach by increasing click-through rates, reducing bounce rates and encouraging greater engagement with your local target audiences. Signing up for Google My Business can help increase your exposure among potential customers on Google Maps. It also makes it more likely that you’ll receive reviews from your clients.

A strong presence on Google My Business increases organic traffic to your site. In turn, you will find that a solid local strategy can become the front-runner of your organic campaign and evolve as your business reach grows or changes.

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