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The Basics of Google Advertising: Destination

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Where you send a potential client is just as important as the advertisement itself, if not more.

This is the last article in our Google Ads series. In the two previous articles we covered bidding and ad creation.

In our last article we will be covering destinations. As the saying goes “last, but not least”.


Where you send a potential client is just as important as the advertisement itself, if not more.

If you send a person to an ambiguous website that has a confused message or too many services to choose from…you will lose that potential client immediately.

This has been solved by Landing Pages. People often describe a Landing Page as only a lead magnet to get people’s information. While it will do this, this isn’t the technical reason behind the existence of landing pages.

It has to do with directing the attention of an audience to an exact communication.

Think of a consumer at Best Buy. He goes there to purchase a new TV. I don’t know if you have ever gone to do this…but there are a lot of TVs at Best Buy to choose from. A person can get overwhelmed by all the choices.

What generally happens is they speak with a Best Buy representative who asks some specific questions and narrows down what would be best for the consumer. The representative then points the consumer in the direction of the best TV for that person.

The entire purpose of the sales representative was to narrow the consumer’s search to a specific TV that he could concentrate his attention on and then make a decision on purchase or not.

A Landing Page is a sales representative. It narrows the view of the potential client to the exact information and bypasses all the confusion of too many options.

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Depending on the CMS used to make your company’s website, putting together a converting Landing Page isn’t difficult, but it is the most important step of the entire process.

The average landing page has a 23% conversion rate. It should have an eye catching title, it should offer something of value to the potential client so they will give you something of value (their contact information), it could be clean and easy to use.

Everything we have discussed in our Google Ads series gets leads in the door. If any of this feels overwhelming or takes too much time, there are many successful companies that can help a small or local business with Google Ads.

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