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Our weekly and monthly detailed executive report lets you keep a pulse on your marketing campaigns at all times; so you'll never miss a beat.
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In-Depth Reporting Technology for your Business.

Marketing reports offer valuable data that can be used to measure the success of a company’s marketing strategies and campaigns. They provide essential information about how campaigns are performing, the types of customers who are responding to campaigns, and the return on investment of campaigns. They also provide data on customer demographics, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.

Marketing reports are vital to the success of any business. They provide the data necessary to identify areas of improvement and develop strategies to increase customer engagement and loyalty. Businesses can use the data from marketing reports to understand the effectiveness of their campaigns and adjust their strategy accordingly.
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Online Marketing Agency Tampa

Make Informed Decisions about your Marketing.

Technology is changing the way we do business and achieve results.
When you sign up for Evolved services, you get 24/7 access to our hub where you see the analytics and reporting for all of your campaigns. We pull in data from every source into a single, easy-to-read report. At a glance, you'll know and understand how your ads are performing, the traffic coming to your website, all leads, your social strategy performance, reviews and reputation and more. 

View and manage the report week to week or by the month. Either way, you'll have a full understanding and grip on your marketing and be able to make informed descisions to grow your business. 
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Online Marketing Agency Tampa

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Lauren Micahaels
Online Marketing Agency Tampa
No 1 Home Roofing
"Evolved has blown the roof off with the number of qualified leads coming in! We have literally seen over 5 times the amount of leads that we were previously seeing with our other company. Needless to say we are very happy with Evolved. They really know what they're doing and I can see the results."
No 1 Home Roofing
450% Website Traffic
Website traffic increased by over 450% with SEO.
542% Leads Increase
Number of qualifed leads increased by 542% for the year!
The return on investment has increased an average of 10X.
Online Marketing Agency Tampa
"We partnered with Evolved Strategic Marketing for our marketing and this has been very successful. We have seen continual increase in leads and our ROI is way above what it ever previously was. They are alway attentitive to detail and always willing to help. They have created great results for us and we value their partnership very much."
300% Website Traffic
Website traffic increased by over 300% with SEO campaigns.
5X Increased Leads
Leads coming in have increased at least 5X with the campaigns.
1800% ROI
ROI increased to more than 1800% during the campaign period.
Online Marketing Agency Tampa
Lauren Michaels Real Estate Partners
"I don't think I ever got a real response from my original website but when Evolved came in and did a brand new website, new company video and SEO - my phone hasn't stopped ringing! I am extremely grateful for their professionalism and "can do" attitude, thank you VERY much, I highly, highly recommend Evolved Strategic Marketing for all your marketing needs!"
Lauren Micahaels
1000% Website Traffic
Website traffic increased by over 100% with SEO
350% Leads Increase
A 350% increase in new leads coming in the door.
The return on investment has increased an average of 10X.
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