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Does Your Website Need an SSL Certificate?

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We can not even begin to tell you how many websites we see on a weekly or monthly basis that don’t have an SSL certificate. It’s a lot.

I’m pretty sure that if I asked the average business owner, they would have no clue what an SSL certificate is, but they should.

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So what is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In english this means that someone invented and then developed software that will allow information to be shared on the internet in a secure fashion.

Example – Your business has a contact form on its website. The form requires a name, address, email address, phone number and maybe a short snippet of information. This information is sensitive.

As a business there are a multitude of reasons your business would want to keep this information secure.

  1. For the privacy of your potential client
  2. To protect your market share of the industry you were in

Without a SSL certificate, getting the names of people who fill out forms on your website is simple. A hacker could do it in a heartbeat. As a business this could be a huge liability.

Imagine a competitor wanted to find out every person filling out the contact forms on your website so they could steal them away. Without an SSL certificate this would be rather easy for them.

As you can see it is extremely important for a business to have an SSL certificate. And if this information hasn’t already convinced you that it is important, we’ll give you another reason.

In 2014, Google switched up its ranking algorithm (like they do all the time) to include the fact that websites need to have an SSL certificate. Meaning if your website doesn’t have a SSL certificate…it will harm a business Local and Organic Search Engine Optimization!

So let’s run down this quickly:

  1. It could cause you a lot of legal trouble
  2. Competitors could steal my clients
  3. It will have massive hit on my SEO rankings without an SSL certificate

So the answer is pretty cute and dry. Every business needs an SSL certificate. Period. Reach out to your web developer to ensure that your business does.

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ssl certificate services
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