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The Most Important Points When Building a Landing Page that Converts

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How do you get more leads? What really makes a landing page convert? Why isn’t my website converting leads? These are some of the questions many marketing teams have. Learn more about what you can do to create a landing page that leads to more sales.

4 Tips for Building an Effective Landing Page

A landing page is often your first chance to capture your customers and convince them to do business with you. You want to create an attractive and, most importantly, effective landing page. Here are some tips to follow for building a landing page that converts.

1. Make the Page Easy to Read/Navigate

Have you ever been to a website that was difficult to navigate because the font was far too small or the colors weren’t easy to read? Or have you ever been to a website where you couldn’t find the information you needed? Well, you probably ended up using another website instead. You need to make your entire site as easy to read and as easy to navigate as possible. When designing a landing page, fonts, colors, and images should be chosen with care, relevant hyperlinks should be clear and incorporated throughout the content, and users shouldn’t be overwhelmed with large blocks of text.

2. Use Keywords in Content

When people need your products, they will probably start a search online. Think of the things someone might type into the search bar. Distribute these phrases throughout the content on your landing page. Don’t forget to include a location in the keywords as well. Keep in mind, however, you don’t want to flood the content with keywords because doing so could result in lower rankings for your site.

3. Incorporate Personality

Your organization and your brand should have a clear personality. This personality should shine through on all pages of your site, include any landing pages. Don’t be afraid to be youthful and playful if selling something to young children. However, this may not be the appropriate tone if you are selling a security system. Create a personality that suits your product and target audience, and be sure to show off that personality in your content. This will help visitors learn more about you and what your company stands for.

4. Include a Call to Action

A call to action is the part, usually at the end, of the landing page where you invite people to buy your product or use your services. You’d be surprised at how many landing pages miss this crucial component of the content. Some simple phrases such as “Call now for more information” or “Buy now with a 100% guarantee” can make a big difference between the number of people who simply visit your website and the people who actually enter their credit card information and buy. Easy-to-find buttons or simple contact forms are also great for converting leads into customers.

You may not put too much thought into your landing page; however, it’s the place where many people will first learn about you and your offerings. Make it clear, personable, and easy to read, and you will see your conversion rate improve.

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