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Important Basics of Social Media: YouTube

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YouTube – The second biggest search engine in the world. They have 2 billion users log-in every single month.

There are 500 hours of video uploaded every minute of every single day.

In the US alone, YouTube will make 5.5 billion dollars in advertising revenue.

73% of Adults in the US watch YouTube.

62% of businesses use YouTube to post video content.

If you are not using YouTube…then you are missing out. Big Time.

In 2020 video is the most consumed content on the planet. Based on studies the average human attention span is 4.4 seconds.

Most humans could read two sentences in the time and the fast ones a full paragraph. A human can capture with detail 2 photos at the most in that same time span.

75% of people state they retain information when watching video ads over text or picture ads.

Video is the content of choice and YouTube is the best place to get it. Period.

Important Basics of Social Media: YouTube

By this time in our Basics of Social Media series you should have seen a pattern. All social media is based on getting and keeping users engaged.

25 years ago marketing was all about getting people into physical locations for salesmen or saleswomen to close them or at least on the phone. The only avenues of marketing were TV, Radio, Print and Word of Mouth (and word of mouth was only the people that person could talk to).

This is no longer the case. The amount of mediums used to market today is scary. Just think about yourself for a second.

If you have email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok, internet, personal & business mail, etc…every single day you will receive marketing on each one of those channels.

You might possibly understand why the attention span is so small. Every second of every day marketers are fighting for the attention of that potential client.

Social media platforms have been learning this over the last 5 years and every single platform has moved into engaging audiences with content they want to see and they don’t care what brands want them to see.

This bears out when looking at how YouTube uses their algorithms. The signals are:

  • Performance
  • Personalization

How does this break down?

Performance – is determined by many different factors:

  • Whether people clicked on a video
  • How much time a user spends watching a video
  • How many likes, dislikes, shares, comments a video gets
  • How quickly a videos view velocity increases or doesn’t increase
  • How new a video is
  • How often a channel uploads content
  • How much time a person spends on the platform after watching videos

In terms of engagement, YouTube has the most sophisticated engagement algorithm out of all social media platforms.

Meaning you need to make content people want to watch. If you don’t the likelihood of it being seen is minimal.

Important Basics of Social Media: YouTube

Personalization – is determined by these factors:

  • Which channels & topics has a user watched before
  • What has a user engaged with previously
  • What is the amount of time they spend watching videos
  • How many times a specific video has been shown to a person
  • What content does a user not watch

This means as a business you need to understand your customer persona. Know what they are interested in and if you produce content that will resonate with them, you have a much higher chance of showing up on their feed.

70% of what users watch on YouTube is recommended by the YouTube algorithm. Meaning the algorithm is very, very good at finding the right content for its users.

A business can get very high end with their content. In the professional arena this is recommended. For small or local businesses this is not recommended. More personal content is what is expected.

Important Basics of Social Media: YouTube

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