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These are the Most Important Factors when Analyzing your Advertising Strategy

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When analyzing your Google Ads, make the most of your budget and time by focusing on the four most important metrics.

4 Important Points When Analyzing Your Google Ads

Google Ads is the most popular advertising platform on the internet. If you want to monitor the performance of your Google Ads, you’ll need to analyze the platform’s paid search metrics. You have a limited amount of money to invest in marketing, so monitoring your results is important. Here are four of the most important points you need to examine when analyzing your Google Ads.


Impressions refers to the number of times that your ad is available to be seen by a Google user. One showing on a Google search page or anywhere else on the Google network counts as one impression. Keep in mind that just because your ad is shown, this doesn’t mean that a person actually saw the ad.


Analyzing your number of clicks for your Google Ads campaign is a smart move. Whenever a person clicks the blue underlined word or phrase within your ad, this counts as a click. Remember that if the click takes the person to a broken link or if they’re unable to reach your website for some other reason, such as the server being down, you still have to pay for the click. Once you have your number of clicks and your cost metrics, you can calculate the cost per click for your ad campaign.


Conversions are a measure of how motivational your ad is to the viewer. This metric shows how many people took the desired action. You can also analyze conversions based on the number of signups on a particular page of your site.


If you’re like most business owners, you don’t have an unlimited amount of money to spend on ads. That’s why it’s important to analyze your costs for Google Ads. You can look at charts and graphs that break down the cost by campaign, ad group and per acquisition. You can also look at the costs of certain keywords or groups of keywords. Tracking your costs over time allows you to plan your marketing budget and make the most of your money. Analyzing these four key metrics of your Google Ad will help you hone your marketing strategy and get the biggest possible return on your investment.

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