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What is Customer Advocacy?

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The role that loyal customers can play through their advocacy is a marketing factor that continues to increase in importance.

Customer Advocacy Plays a Role in Achieving Favorable Marketing Results

Your technology company works hard to develop a strategic marketing plan that can attract new customers. Within the scope of your marketing strategy, you’re always looking for new ways to put your company forward as a leader. This is the case whether you are working in IT, software, or technology. With this in mind, it’s important to look at the role that your loyal customers can play. Dedicated customers can provide important advocacy that helps demonstrate that your company’s reputation is well deserved.

The Importance of Advocacy Demonstrates the Evolving Role of Customers

The reality is that today’s customers are playing an increasingly active role in driving the market. Reviews and other forms of customer advocacy can play key roles for companies within the overall scope of their marketing. One of the first things many prospective customers do when checking into a company is read online reviews. This has become a key part of the customer journey. It is a fact that underscores the importance of having dedicated, long-term customers who have strong enough opinions of your brand that they want to share their views for others to see. Many individuals and businesses rely on the opinions of their fellow consumers when making decisions. Inspiring customers to engage in this kind of advocacy requires providing them with the kind of service that they would want to brag about to their peers.

The Voices of Loyal Customers Are a Powerful Marketing Tool

The power that loyal customers can play is truly critical within the overall scope of marketing. Clients who are enjoying the customer journey tend to be happy to share this fact. When a company works in fields as competitive as today’s information technology and software markets, this is important and can make a dramatic difference in bringing in new customers as well as increasing revenue. It is a clear reason why your market research should always be investigating what customers are saying about your brand.

The reality is that innovative strategic marketing requires making use of a wide range of resources and customer advocacy for your business. When integrated, these resources can make a dramatic impact.

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